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Biye Biye is a digital platform where
families within the Muslim community connect and introduce their loved ones to each other.

Whilst searching for that special person, your loved one is involved every step of the way. Get detailed family background information at your fingertips to help you take the next step with confidence.

How we do it?

Innovative approach to Family Matchmaking

The algorithm matches your loved ones up with potential suitors within the Muslim community. Contact another family via instant messenger or Video Chat.

Family Profiles

Browse through full biodatas, family pictures and videos and get to know more about a potential bride or groom.

Involve your loved ones
in the process

Share profiles with your loved one or family members and they will respond back to you with a ‘Yes, No or Maybe!’ and share their thoughts.


Who can use this and how?
If you are a parent - Just get your family set up (with or without some help from your tech savvy children or your neighbour), browse through full profiles and suss out another family and see whether they are right for your grownup baby.
If you are a sibling (younger or older) - the reality is that your parents may ask you to assist. Whatever the reason, it’s really quick and easy to get the family profile set up. It’ll make life easier for everyone!
If you are a loved one – Set yourself up on Biye Biye and have a browse through the profiles and then get your family involved when you want them to make contact with another family.
Other family members – you may be an uncle, aunt, grandparent, foster parent or legal guardian- feel free to use this too.

Our app is finally here! Biye Biye will be with you whenever you need. We are available on computer, tablet and mobile. You can now download the app on Android or iOS. Enjoy!

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