How Biye Biye works?

We’re pleased that you have made the right decision to keep your options open and signed up to Biye Biye. Find out more about our great features and tips to make your Family Profile stand out.

Our Features

Video Chat

We are all about human interactions. We are really excited about our pretty cool video chat feature as most dating or matrimonial apps don’t have it. You can only video chat with a family if they are online via the website or app. We say, get video-chatting ASAP so you’ll know sooner rather than later whether you want to meet a family in person or not. It’s also an added layer of security so you know who you are talking to. Say goodbye to catfish!

Granting Coins

There are different Coin Packs to choose from. You can grant coins via the website to members. Just see it as an act of generosity which will put a smile on the face of another person. Whether it’s a complete stranger or a family you know who is on the same journey as you. You’re essentially helping them to increase their chances to find love for their loved ones. They can use the coins for extending matches by 24 hours, superLiking or putting their profile at the front of the queue. We believe it’s all about spreading the love!

Blogging Community

The psychological benefits of writing is huge. It’s so therapeutic. It’s all about you and your experiences and the pockets of wisdom you would like to share. You can write your blog entry on the website in the ‘Love Lab’ section. We do moderate the blog submissions before it is published. If you don’t want to share it, then just blog for yourself. It really does feel good when you do.



First Impressions Count

In 40 milliseconds, we’re able to draw conclusions about people based on a photo so it’s important to get that profile picture right! It will reveal way more than you imagine and can say a lot about your loved one’s personality.

It’s worth asking them which picture they like of themselves and select one together.

Interestingly, there’s been some great research about the different elements of profile pictures that have the biggest impact on an audience. Paul Ekman (1990) pioneered a study on emotional expression and perception. He made an important discovery called the Duchenne smile. It’s when our eyes light up and the area just next to our eye sockets wrinkles up in an adorable way. Radiating happiness in an involuntary manner is incredibly attractive!

Other studies have shown that not only should you show off your smile- you can make a positive first impression through ‘squinching’, facing the camera, or taking an asymmetrical, head-to-shoulders or head-to-torso shot. Complete NO-NOs are hats and sunglasses.


Fun Family shots and videos

Showcase what you enjoy doing as a family. If you enjoy travelling together, put up that picture of your trip to the Golden Temple or your hike in the beautiful mountains of Nepal. If you feel you are quite trendy, throw on your best attire and take cool snaps and show off your family’s personality. You can even make a family video to greet other Biye Biye members. Now, this can be a really fun activity to do as a family, a chance to be creative!


Show and TELL

The more interesting and complete your profile is, the more likely another family will take interest in you and initiate contact.

Love Map

This is the internal blueprint of what we want in a relationship. Our love maps reflect our own sense of who we are in relationships. Find out from your loved one what their goals and dreams are, their favourite things to do, their greatest fears, stressors and their greatest successes. It should be their statements in this section- not yours or what you think it might be.

Family Insights

Family provides you with the most important things in life- love, support and a sense of belonging. Statements from family members about the loved one can not only make them feel adored and appreciated but can give another family valuable insights into the dynamics. Go on, give your family tree a voice!


Kiss catfishes goodbye

Catfishing is when someone pretends to be someone they are not online. We empower our families to address this through our video chat feature and Family Reference. The reality is we cannot do background checks on all the families so we encourage our Biye Biye members to do this. It’s a good way to find out more about a new family through the referee and another way to be more connected within your community.Who knows, the referee might become your new family friend.


The digital red carpet

Feel like a celebrity and get your family noticed by putting yourself on the A-List! You can do this through purchasing coins. Don’t leave finding someone special to chance. It’s about actively looking and being seen.

Boosting your profile ensures you don’t get lost in the sea of family profiles and puts you at the front and on top of your game.


Love Lab

We take a research-based approach to relationships as we are fascinated by human behaviour when it comes to love and attraction. In the Love Lab we will discuss topics around Matchmaking, Love, Dating, Marriage, Intimacy and Wellness. You can also ask our agony aunt, Bibi, for advice and guidance on an issue you may have by sending her an email to


Get a second and third opinion

Once you have completed your Family Profile- get the clan to have a look at it and share their thoughts! They’ll be able to spot errors in the profile which you won’t.
You may even be pleasantly surprised to find out that certain family members are pros in doing them as they’ve done them before. We’ll give you tips and examples along the way so stay connected in the Love Lab.




Ekman P1, Davidson RJ, Friesen WV. (1990). The Duchenne smile: emotional expression and brain physiology. II. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 58(2):342-53.

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