About Us

Why Biye Biye?

We have heard your struggles and frustrations around finding love whether it’s for your son or daughter, brother or sister, nephew or niece, grandchildren, or for yourself.

You said...

I want to be more involved in finding a great partner for my child but I feel left behind with all these halal dating apps out there.


I want to support my parents to find someone for my siblings. It would make things much easier if my family was more connected within the community.


Things have changed so much and everything is online now. Traditional values are still important and should not be lost in our future generations.


I am on all the different halal dating apps. I want to find someone myself but I am not against my family looking. I just want to be involved and find someone right for to me.

Loved one

...So we did.

We have developed the very first digital Family Matchmaking Service for Muslims so you don’t feel left behind. We have a healthy respect for tradition and modernity.

Biye Biye is genuinely halal and has been endorsed by religious authority (Shaykh Dr. Abu Ibrahim). No halal dating app has been before!

With our GPS feature you know where the families are and you’ll be more connected than ever within the Muslim community. You can be video-chatting away with a new family instantly and have detailed family background information at your fingertips. The Video chat feature also means you can see who you are talking to – so avoiding catfish.

More importantly, we keep your loved one at the centre. It really is about their wishes and having open communication about what they want and we do this through our ‘Share Profile’ feature. They can consider a potential suitor in their own time and freely express their thoughts. This needs to be respected. We have included other interesting bits aswell such as their Love Map and Family Insights.

We ask Muslim families all the difficult questions so you don’t have to.

Our team has been on quite the adventure and we have now arrived. With a fire in our belly we are very excited to share Biye Biye with you. It’s going to be awesome. Enjoy!

P.S. we look forward to receiving backlava or mitai from you soon.

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