Date Night Concierge

From the quirkiest dining spots, secret screenings and concerts to the wildest parties in London, our Date Night Concierge service is completely unique in order to give you a one-off experience with all the buzz and none of the hassle.

Whether both your families want to meet in a neutral place for the first time or you simply want to arrange the perfect first date for the potential lovebirds, leave it to us.

Secret Dates will book your venues and include the cost of any food, drinks and entertainment. All you need to do is show up with your potential suitor (along with other family members if that’s what you selected) and follow the instructions we give you.

It isn’t some wild stab in the dark about what works for dates: Secret Dates has done its research.

Secret Dates is a dating service we can get on board with. The experience filled me with giddy and excitement!

Perfect for giving couples an opportunity to reconnect. We talked non-stop about our bizarre night for days afterwards.

How it works


Choose your budget

The more the budget, the more the fun! Let us know how much we have to work with and leave it to us to deliver! We have exclusive offers and deals with some of the best venues and activity providers so expect a great experience no matter the budget.


Set your preferences

Tell us a bit about yourself and what you’re into. Provide some basic information to help us tailor your experiences to suit your preferences and the occasion. It’s all a surprise but we do like to keep things linked to your interests so you have the best experience possible.


We’ll do the rest! Just follow the texts!

This is where the fun begins! We’ll send you text messages leading up to and on the day of your date to guide you along the way. We’ll also leave you some cheeky hints so you at least have some clue of what to expect. So take your date, look your best and we’ll handle the rest! Just follow the texts!

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