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Family connections

Admin | Apr 14 '19
Connect with south Asian families nearby and far away. Biye Biye is global.   #global #love #family #southasian #southasianbride #southasiangroom #pyar #pyaar #desilove #indianwedding #datingapp #happiness (via )  

Soft Launch- 21st January 2019

Admin | Apr 14 '19
After going live on 21st January 2019, we received some awesome feedback. We have been remodelling the app so it’s more accessible to everyone. You can set up your family profiles right now by visiting The app will be ready to download from iOS and Android end of May. Our team will keep you posted!  ...

Rishta snack?

Admin | Apr 14 '19
Why do rishta dinners have to be so lavish? Why not keep it simple and stress-free? #rishta #spicy #indianfood #southasianweddings #indian #bengali #pakistani #tamil #spicyfood #indiantea #chai #foodporn (via )

Asian parents and doctors

Do you sometimes feel like your parents jump on the first doctor who comes through the door? And I don’t mean to describe their bodily symptoms and the aches and pains they have which is likely to be psychosomatic because their youngest daughter isn’t married off yet?! They show you a picture and you’re thinking, ‘NO WAY! He really isn’t...

The Tinder for Families

Admin | Apr 2 '19
Right-swipe to like and left-swipe to dislike! Asian families can swipe through Family Profiles and when there is a mutual match, they can share it with their loved ones and get their thoughts! It really is about involving them in the process. Register, swipe and get to know another family for FREE.    ...

Birth of Biye Biye

Admin | Apr 2 '19
The in-depth interviews and research sparked an idea back in April 2018. A simple concept taking an existing concept of Family Matchmaking and simply sticking it online! Biye Biye was born ?   #matrimonialapp #datingapp #familyapp #southasians #matchmaking #

Sister's Keeper

Admin | Apr 2 '19
Younger or older siblings seem to always get roped into finding someone for their brother or sister by their parents! It’s more common than you think within the South Asian communities. Wouldn’t life be much easier if your family were more connected? Biye Biye connects families within the community. Isn’t that music to your ears?!...


Admin | Apr 2 '19
You are not running out of time. Keep your options open and release to the universe what you want in an ideal partner. More importantly enjoy your life before they arrive!

Feeling the pressure

Admin | Apr 2 '19
This feeling may lead us to choose someone who simply isn’t right for us. Love should not be rushed. Be patient, the right one always comes along when you least expect it #love #patience #asianmarriage

Asian parents

Admin | Apr 2 '19
‘I want to be more involved in finding a great partner for my child but I feel left behind with all these dating apps out there’ (Parent)   #asianparents #southasianparents #southasianfamily #familymatchmaking
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